This gave me fucking goosebumps.

I will always reblog this.

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reblog if youre in the crazy frog fandom so i can check out your blog

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since april fool’s is coming up here’s a causal reminder that faking a suicide note is not a prank and in fact equates you to actual garbage

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  • Dont fake being angry with your friends
  • Dont fake breaking up with your Bf/Gf
  • Dont do it with people who DONT celebrate april fool’s Is2g

Just dont ok. DONT

Additionally, don’t post screamers. Shitty thing to do

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  • Teacher: So the essay is due by friday
  • Me: can i do it in binary code
  • Teacher:
  • Me:
  • Teacher:
  • Me: So is that a yes or
Britney Inventions - Britney Spears Teaches the World How to Pronounce "Ke$ha"

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 - Hi hunty :)


Hi hunty :) How’re you? Me, I’m good. Thinkin’ about your twink ass. Yeah. It’s making my bussy a little wet too. Just a little bit though. Yeah….I was thinking about you um, licking my bussy. This little wet white bussy. Hmhaha. You’d like that wouldn’t you? Mmm…I’d like that too. But you’re gonna have to beg for it, because I’m not just gonna stick this bussy into any hunty’s face. Yeah..that’s a good hunty…begging for this little white bussy.

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and you wonder how i stole your man sweetie :)

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I liked how i looked today :D 


I liked how i looked today :D 

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this will be the best 15 seconds of your life if you watch this

im trying to get work done but ive watched this video at least 30 times today

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Sam Tsui - Let It Go/Let Her Go


song of the day: let it go/let her go - sam tsui (x)

'let it go, let it go
you only need the light when it’s burning low
let it go, let it go
you only miss the sun when it starts to snow’

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